American Innovation

Made in the USA

Proudly serving America with the highest level of quality we have to offer.

American Manufacturing

Designed, Engineered, Tested & Produced

All Calyx LED grow lights are manufactured, assembled, tested and shipped from our Houston facility.

Our mission

LED Chip Design

Calyx LED Chips are manufactured in our own facility using the highest material grade for longevity and efficiency.

Our mission

Electronic Engineer Design

Our electrical engineers' designs and specifications of all LED grow lights are tested in our grow labs to measure accelerated plant growth.

Our mission

Product Structural Design

Our structural design team works closely with the electronic engineer team to deliver optimal performance for electronics and LEDs.

Our mission

Quality Control

The design team rigorously collects feedback from growers and engineers to make improvements and adjustments to maintain quality control and product evolution.

Our Facility

Houston, Texas

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Calyx Cultivation Technolgy manufacturing facility located in Houston Texas. All LED Grow Light products are designed from the core principles of optimal functionality, powerful LED performance with lowest energy usage and limitless innovation.

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14340 Torrey Chase Blvd. #290