Continuous color output with no color mixing or banding

Prism Perfect LED lighting technology is targeting for specific wavelength rather than red/blue or so called broadband illumination. Our targeted spectral tuning approach maximizes photosynthesis and/or other preferred chemical reactions in plants to optimize a build‐up of the biomass or chemical ingredients (e.g., medicinal and biopharmaceutical components) volume ratio in the plants. Calyx's LED packaging technology and in‐house production, lamp manufacturing/fixture assembly provides growers access to turn‐key hydroponic greenhouse and vertical farm (“urban farm”) technology and installation regardless of the various grow‐houses’ output whether its lettuce, strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, herbs and spices, greens, wheat, citrus or medicinal cannabis.


What is Prism Perfect Technology?


The Prism Perfect Technology found exclusively within Calyx Grow Lights feature a patented and evolutionary broadband lighting technology. Prism Perfect luminaires target the individual light spectra necessary in creating optimal conditions for customized plant growth.

Like a prism, this technology enables multiple LED types and wavelengths to be combined into a single LED package. Our proprietary phosphor conversion technology differentiates Prism Perfect products from other chip blending lighting products which require multiple chips of different spectra. The result provides our customer with a lighter, smarter, and competitively priced grow light which provides the proper spectrum necessary to increase biomass and maximize photosynthesis.

Prism Perfect

Contiguous 9 band spectrum | 6 patents owned; 2 patents pending | Continuous color output with no color mixing or banding | Patented and proven multi broadband (wide) spectrum for optimal LED electrical and photosynthesis efficiency

Prism Perfect products feature our patented broadband, single light spectrum to suppress and emphasize different areas of light depending on the absorption curves of individual plants, crops and agricultural products. This patented light spectrum increases biomass, controls flowering, assists in killing of bacteria and micro molds, and increases pollination rates by altering the plant’s chemical substance.

This Calyx proprietary grow spectrum technology conveniently offers options for package, power, and spectrum, enabling flexible luminaire design for optimum crop results.

Customizable spectra availability enables excellent crop production efficiency (g/kW) and encourages overall plant health while facilitating flexible grow room design.

LED lights offer much higher lifetime and energy efficiency versus traditional HIS/HPS lamps traditionally used in greenhouses, as well as the possibility of escalated automation to increase crop yields. Prism Perfect LED grow lights by Calyx provide rapid payoff on investment as growers can strikingly reduce their high electricity costs (one of the primary cost centers for growers) and boost quality as well as productivity.

All Prism Perfect products have been extensively tested with multiple plants and application scenarios. Our state-of-the-art grow lights are an economical choice when considering reliability (hrs @L85), efficiency (μmol/W) and crop yield (g/kW), appropriate for small and large farming.


Prism Perfect Technology is used to create individual light spectra tuned for use with specific crops and growth functionality.

  • Increasing Crop Yields
  • Increasing Pollination Rates
  • Increasing Biomass
  • Reducing Growth Time
  • Chemical Substance Alteration
  • Promotion and Control of Flowering
  • Plant Sustainability

Prism Perfect LED lighting technology is targeting for specific wavelength rather than red/blue or so called broadband illumination. Our targeted spectral tuning approach maximizes photosynthesis and/or other preferred chemical reactions in plants to optimize a build‐up of the biomass or chemical ingredients volume ratio in the plants.

Studies show all three Prism Perfect LED spectra surpassed the HID in terms of plant health, appearance and production of healthy nodes. Roughly 20% more nodes were indicated using Prism Perfect LED spectra options.


Prism Perfect LEDs have the ability to incorporate additional technology which inhibits growth of fungal and bacterial populations within plants. Pesticidal effects based on short wavelength blue and UV radiation can be further integrated within a single package.

Just as important as efficient food production is food hygiene and safety. Efficient elimination of harmful molds and bacteria is vital in the greenhouse and vertical growing market as consumers require produce that is ready-to-eat and preservative-free while offering a long shelf life. Modern food production processes require both equipment and surfaces to be decontaminated from residue, foreign bodies, harmful fungi, viruses, and bacteria. Traditional cleaning with water solutions is only a prerequisite to purification and does not guarantee decontamination and disinfection.

In addition to substantially increasing yields, Prism Perfect’s patented LED lighting technology can also be used as a simple and reliable sterilization tool in continuous operation throughout the food growing, transportation and sales chain. Prism Perfect lighting products have been proven in clinical trials to kill a host of both harmful bacteria and molds while destroying pathogenic spoilage microorganisms found upon both hard and soft surfaces. This exclusive Calyx technology effectively decontaminates plant surfaces by bathing them in a specific spectrum of visible-light wavelengths while simultaneously promoting maximum photosynthesis.

Prism Perfect disinfecting LEDs are harmless to human skin and eyes and are free from any UV transmission. This proprietary UV-free wavelength is hidden under the emitted white light to allow continual 24/7 disinfection. The approach requires no additional training, and results in a much cleaner, safer environment without the use of harmful chemicals and detergents.

Custom Manufacturing

Calyx has been a custom manufacturer and commercial producer of specially made SMD and COB LEDs since 2010. All Calyx Prism Perfect grow lights are designed, engineered, and manufactured from a single location within the United States. Specialized and high performance Calyx LEDs offer a degree of customization desired by the most demanding and quality aware consumer.

The exclusive packaging of semiconductors effectively ensures products retain the highest level of quality as we continually build close relationships with market-driving customers. Prism Perfect LEDs are manufactured in small batches with built-on-demand customizable broad spectrum. The options for package, power, and spectrum enable flexible luminaire designs for optimal crop results. The Calyx approach of in-house luminaire assembly with semiconductor packaging provides growers access to turn‐key hydroponic greenhouse/vertical farming installation and technology.



Prism Perfect Products are based on our patented technology to provide efficient grow light conditions for a variety of applications:


Commercial Greenhosue


Vertical Farms


Indoor Residential Grow


Plant Research

Prism Perfect technology creates individual light spectra tuned for use with specific crops.

Lettuce | Strawberries | Tomatoes | Peppers | Herbs & Spices | Greens | Wheat | Citrus | Medicinal Cannabis


            -Boston Butterhead

            -Lollo Rosso

            -Blonde Lettuce


            -Red Oak

            -Red Flame

            -Green Flame

            -Belgium Sweet Romaine

            -Extra Red Lettuce

            -Fruits and Berries



            -Red Sorrel

            -Green Sorrel

            -Baby Spinach

            -Bull’s Blood



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